The last mile problem in the development of e-commerce

in recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce in our country, which facilitates the lives of urban residents, but also to promote economic development. The development of E – commerce has a high degree of dependence on the express delivery enterprises, especially in the last mile. This paper introduces the relationship between the two, and further analyzes the constraints of the last mile of the main aspects.

first, the development of e-commerce

with the popularization of the Internet, e-commerce has become an important form of commodity trading. After the financial crisis, the influence of multiple factors, the market recovered vitality of our country to the electronic commerce network policy support and improve service under the electronic commerce is to maintain a steady growth trend.

data show that, to 2011, the number of e-commerce application ability of small and medium-sized enterprises has reached 4290, the number of B2B e-commerce services for small and medium enterprises 2260; 2012 market China retail network reached 13205 billion yuan, an increase of 64.7%; 2011 Chinese online shopping reached 187 million people, growth in the same period 39 million people. Moreover, the distribution of all ages net name is symmetrical, there is a net increase in the share of consumer strength.

two, e-commerce dependence on express delivery enterprises

e-commerce, including shopping malls, consumers, logistics companies in three areas. The relationship includes: 1, trade: for example, Tmall to provide users with inexpensive products, while attracting more enterprises to enter. 2, cooperation: Tmall and a number of logistics companies to establish cooperative relations. 3, services: logistics companies to provide users with the purchase of services, so as to achieve each transaction.

function from the completion of the transaction, the online shopping platform can solve the problem of information flow and capital flow in shopping, but the transaction process, logistics need express delivery. Express can provide fast, affordable, door-to-door service for online shopping. Data show that since 2006, the rapid growth of electronic commerce, with Shen Tong, tact, in the pass, Huitong, rhyme, one of four private courier and postal express mainly to promote the rapid development of electronic commerce. Online shopping dependence on the courier is 100%, while the express on the online shopping is depending on the degree of dependence on the courier business online shopping courier business volume in the difference between 5% to. It can be seen that e-commerce has a strong dependence on private and postal courier.

three, the last mile problem

at present, the company’s infrastructure, personnel management, standardization system construction lags behind the development of e-commerce, can not meet its huge, fast-growing market demand. E-commerce business competition, the key is likely to be the last mile problem on logistics.

2011 "freight vehicles" magazine on the "last mile" urban distribution issues related to the 193 industry to conduct a questionnaire survey. >

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