Amazon Chinese Road ten years with the domain name. Settled FTA

renamed Chinese ( August 21st – 2004, Amazon spent $75 million acquisition of, Chinese to enter the market, opened in China in the road. Blink of an eye ten years later, Amazon China president changed one after another, and the record does not seem to have the bar over Jingdong, Dangdang and other local brands. That ten years, Amazon has done what the next ten years, has settled in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Amazon will carry, and other domain names to break out of what kind of world?


: Amazon into China ten years

entered China ten years tepid foreign monks The climate does not suit one.


although Amazon bought in 2004, but has not seen it change until 2007, Amazon announced it would was renamed "Amazon", and enable the.Cn domain name, Amazon began to strengthen the brand. Subsequently, Amazon began to set up operations centers, docking with the global Amazon market, and gradually close to the u.s..

2011, Amazon then begin name, renamed "Amazon Chinese", and at the same time enabled to purchase heavily short domain name, once again to strengthen its own brand, after the "excellence" traces completely wiped out. In China for 7 years, Amazon was complete with "Amazon" name from kyushu. In addition, Amazon will also and phonetic domain multiple Chinese Z related domain name support command.

2012, Amazon China officially launched the global bookstore business for Chinese consumers to provide international B2C electronics stores. In the same year, China Amazon Kindle e-book mall released. Last year, Kindle officially listed in the country.


in China for ten years, Amazon has operations center in the country’s 13 largest city, the distribution of nearly 3000 city districts, 32 major categories, more than 25 million kinds of products. According to the Alex query, the Amazon domain name daily IP (Zhou Pingjun) up to 7260000, the average daily PV (Zhou Pingjun) up to 50820000.

actually, Amason in China’s record is not bad, but this 10 years, China electric business changed another round, Jingdong, Alibaba and other local electricity supplier have strong rise, the market performance is better than Amason. In recent years, even before the rise of, and Amazon have overshadowed the limelight. In contrast, Amazon may seem tepid, can not help but wonder, this powerful background "foreign monks" is the

The climate does not suit one.?

ten years of grinding sword Amazon will break out in silence?

as the saying goes, do not break out in silence, that is, in the silence of death. Obviously >

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