nternet entrepreneurs please slow a little too fast to pull eggs


obviously, many people don’t believe in the old saying. What’s more, a lot of people are not even firewood knife ready. Before sent to see a star "even the common sense are not clear entrepreneurs, how can go far?", deep thought. Specially written today, I would like to be in the financing of the winter, saying that this was misunderstood many times a lot of topics:


fast, has never been a prerequisite for winning, and even the relationship is not.

1, do not believe in the media and Daren

media words and successful public speaking, the former half listen, the latter do not listen.

for the former, we accept after the media confirmed the facts and data. The conclusion depends on whether the logic is reasonable or not. As for the analysis of media people, basically can be sure that is not directly accepted, these articles can only be used to understand or exclude certain details, not for conclusion.

for the latter, the success of the speech, of course, have a certain influence. After all, there’s a success to give them an endorsement. But first, they won’t tell you their core competencies. Secondly, even if he is right, but if these dry cargo from a specific scene and logical thinking, and also can not directly use the power play. Just like someone stole the meeting minutes Ma, but only fragments of drops is a concern of the company, we have to do anyway……" These words are true, but incomplete because no significance — think of the reason why the ancient "steal" this sentence is good.

for example. Even if investors say their investment strategy, in the actual implementation may not be completely consistent. I have seen like a boss just said "to do in-depth reports, rather than the loss of hundreds of thousands of advertising industry should also set up the prestige!", and someone sent immediately on advertising time, say "don’t send money". I believe you usually do not talk to oral similar but not cash, so the company will "later exchange by mail shall prevail".

local truth is nothing to say, it tells us that if there is no independent judgment, in addition to being led by the nose, it is easy to go wrong. What? You really believe that success is emerge in its totality tell you the truth, you ask? They dare to take out the last meeting to give you a look that is valuable?. But no one will give you. Other people’s advice, most of the time, is not helping you.

said so much, is to tell you that all the "fast", are wrong.

2, fast is not to let your own fast, is to make the product has the ability to fast

"fast" is not a literal meaning.

what "focus, word of mouth, acme"

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