Love bee trap trap door founder Zhang win strategic cooperation


] February 6th news billion state power network, today, sources said, handheld convenience stores have been fresh love bee FMCG products B2B acquisition in huimin. Billion state power network respectively to CC Huimin and love fresh bee confirmation, the Huimin executives declined to comment on the matter said, all the company official news prevail; love fresh bee in acquisition of the event denied, and said the two sides have reached a strategic cooperation.


source: micro-blog

billion state power network public information inquiries that Internet business, a subsidiary of Beijing Huimin Hui Fu Tong Mdt InfoTech Ltd in January 20, 2017 changed its name to Beijing Huimin fresh bee Technology Co. Ltd., the shareholders in Huimin, Shanghai also brought fresh International Trade Co. ltd..


Beijing Huimin bee Technology Co., Ltd. information


Beijing Huimin bee Technology Co., Ltd. shareholders


Beijing Huimin bee Technology Co., Ltd. renamed information

public information, Shanghai Lingxian International Trade Co. Ltd. Corporation is a co-founder of the Xiaoming Zhang Xianfeng love, love fresh bee founder Zhang Ying as one of the shareholders, and served as executive director. On the other hand, the state power grid search love fresh bee belongs to Beijing fresh bee network science and technology limited company, still operating in the display.

it is understood that the "acquisition door" hero of the love of fresh bee, is a handheld convenience store, the main 1 hours express service. Previously, love bee has completed 4 rounds of financing. The other events of the protagonist in Huimin FMCG is a proprietary B2B platform, committed to the residents of the community, business community and university community life goods distribution services, in September 2016, Huimin completed the 1 billion 300 million yuan B round of financing, becoming the most FMCG financing.

According to

billion state power network to understand, from September last year after the C round of financing, love fresh bees is often pushed in the teeth of the storm. Capital chain rupture, layoffs, leaving executives and other horror vocabulary enveloped in the company. Until November of this year, the completion of the love bee D round of financing from the United States, but there is news that after this round, the United States has been holding a group of love fresh bee.

for such news, love the performance of fresh bees more calm, Zhang Ying expressed respect for the views of the media. For the love of fresh bee, bent down to pick up the penny is far more effective than counter rumours.

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