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when I surf the Internet, I often feel like I’m the white dove in the Skinner case.

In this famous experiment,

, psychologist and behavioral scientist Skinner, trained a dove to get food from an organic glass container. In some scenarios, dove can get food every time the box is picked up, in other cases, Skinner will set the time interval, dove can not immediately pick up a box of food, such as 60 seconds apart. Once this time period has passed, dove once again can not wait until the next 60 seconds to get food. In such a regular time interval dove never fully grasp the opportunity, but they can keep close to the exact interval. Skinner further adjusted the interval, the interval between the dove and the food was more random, sometimes 60 seconds, sometimes as much as 5 seconds, and a second of 50 seconds.

in this unstable situation, dove began to crazy, they kept pecking box. In 14 hours, dove has taken more than 87000 times, but less than 1% of the time they get food.


find it hard to understand? Let’s take a look at how Skinner’s dove experiment is reflected in the modern digital life. Assuming that there is a reporter named Michael, email and mail is an important part of his work. On average, he gets a new email every 45 minutes, sometimes even less than a few minutes between the two, but it takes another hour for the next to arrive. These are not all urgent affairs that need to be dealt with right away, but some of them are just relaxing. However, soon after, as long as the Michael to connect to the Internet, will start 30 minutes every compulsion to refresh a inbox, then develop into every 5 minutes to refresh once, even the last 2 minutes to refresh time. That’s right, it doesn’t take long for Michael to become a dove.

accused Michael of whether we should divide their time spent not stop to press the refresh button on? Of course, you can say that he is too poor self-control, and choose a e-mail exchanges as an important form of work position.

I asked again, do you think that in the pioneering experiments of Skinner research in the brain, who kept pecking at the box in order to get grain dove should not be blamed? Who are the dove this compulsion is responsible for the experimental environment, or dove itself, or is the design of the experimental box Skinner himself


you don’t realize you’re hooked on

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