Nora back but can only be said to be deja vu

Abstract: as an application of its own distribution capabilities can bring a new cloud sail earn a pen. In addition to the distribution, Nora 5 also integrated online games and live platform, which is the largest of the two business suction gold.


titanium media note: three years later, Nora came back, it is still the original Nora team to build, but for a name – Xinhua Yun fan.


company is the original broadcast team in November 4, 2014 registered, that is our seal after more than half a year, the business scope of the company includes the development of multimedia technology, mobile multimedia broadcasting, digital radio and television etc..

a few days ago, Xinhua Yun fan also held a 2017 annual meeting, the people familiar with the Nora attended the annual meeting, and the company CEO is published on the theme of "do not forget the beginning of the heart," the annual summary report. Its annual meeting stressed that Nora’s sudden closure, so that we were not fully prepared to face this matter. However, our consistent goal, so that we resolutely choose to re start".

Nora sudden off because we all know, and its founder, CEO Wang Xin, who was also due to the spread of pornographic material was sentenced to a fine and.

September 13, 2016, Beijing Haidian District people’s court accused the company of Shenzhen science and Technology Co. commits the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, fined ten million yuan; the defendant Wang Xinfan crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, sentenced in three years and six months, fined one million yuan.

Haidian court verdict, the defendants and Nora Nora knows network system there are a large number of pornographic videos and pornographic videos in the dissemination activities, letting its network service system of a large number of dissemination of video belongs to indirect intention; Nora company has obligations of network security management reality but refused to fulfill their obligations of network security management. Our company and the defendant’s conduct has the purpose of illegal profit.

This case is not applicable to

"exemption of technology neutrality does not belong to" help "neutral, Nora’s crime to profit for the purpose of allowing pornographic video spread acts constitute the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials unit.

then most of the users are very sad, especially popular in the era of paid video of the moment, many netizens shouted: "fast, we owe you a member."

according to Yi Kai capital replacement engine – China entertainment industry 2016 – 17 annual report shows that the current video subscribers are close to $60 million, paid accounts should be close to 100 million. Comparison of the data published in 2015 over the same period, Iqiyi, Tencent, excellent soil, as the four major video sites within a year the number of members to achieve a 3-4 fold increase.

due to the high degree of membership of each video site membership, assuming that each user has an average of 1.>

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