Popularity is not happy in his letter of resignation to the net issued A shares of the listed compan

after eight years, by the "steal food" popular happy net sold Shenzhen race for the intelligent, and through the release of the VIE protocol, A shares listed on the curve.


source: Vision China

popularity is not happy network through the sale of shares to achieve A shares listed.

the evening of July 20th, the Shenzhen race for the intelligent Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the race for the intelligent) a "on the signing of a major asset restructuring framework agreement announcement" released by the major asset reorganization in May 19th to start the suspension. The reorganization of the underlying assets is clearly Beijing happy Information Technology Co., Ltd. (ie happy network) 100% stake. As a result, almost forgotten by the people happy to return to the public line of sight.


announcement shows that the counterparty for all shareholders happy agreement after the termination of VIE information, including Zhou Bin, Cheng Binghao, on the north shore of Xinyu Technical Service Center (limited partnership), Komsomolsk Gyalo investment management partnership (limited partnership), Komsomolsk Ka Chi investment management partnership (limited partnership) and Shenzhen Fu Peng Hongxiang No.II equity investment management center (limited partnership) etc..

Cheng Binghao is the founder of

, happy net of the original Sina engineer, founded in 2008, the social network service website Kaixin (www.kaixin001.com), and by virtue of "steal food" "friend buying and selling" "parking dispute" and other games, become the most popular social network game of the era of A. A considerable number of white-collar workers will work in space onto happy net "steal food" or "parking dispute", and this immensely proud.

that is the most brilliant period of happy network, in 2009 its user growth rate reached 500%. Along with this brilliant, Cheng said in July 2010 that the happy network will be listed in the United States, but later did not later.

, happy net failed at the same time, due to a variety of competition game itself less attractive and external, gathered in a short period of time the user started away, churn rate even reached 65%. Part of the reason and true and false happy network case related.

May 2009, happy net to the court proceedings, sued Chen Yizhou’s Thousand Oaks happy net – operating companies Beijing Qianxiang Technology Development Co. Ltd. Internet unfair competition, the reason is the name of the latter posing as the happy net, and claims 10 million yuan. A year and a half later, the court ruled that the Thousand Oaks network no longer use the happy network name, but can still use the kaixin.com domain name, and sentenced directed happy network (kaixin001.com) compensation 400 thousand yuan.

this result is not how good, first, the amount of compensation and happy network is expected to be a huge difference between the two is that those who are false happy net snatched by the user is difficult to come back.

just happy to try to develop more social games

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