There’s nothing different about my day at HUAWE

many years later, I hope I will think of the feelings of today’s diary. Do not know when the mood will be different.

by the end of 2000, in early 2001, after HUAWEI 4-5 times after the rejection, I finally mixed up. Intelligent network testing department. The title of the interview paper is very simple, the test are C and C++ basic knowledge, basic theory. I do not know whether the ability to progress, or they relax requirements, I think it may be the latter.

years later, when I was interviewing a lot of people, I was still keen to ask the most basic questions. For example, what is the three handshake, what is the DoS attack, why, what is the principle of traceroute, etc..

I was impressed by the interview that

was killed in one time. When I was a big day, the interview was also killed by HUAWEI. So I told one woman wrote a passionate mail, hinted that the courage of youth, military and political leaders, rather a kind of peace, etc.. When I was in Shenzhen, once again to the HUAWEI interview, I do not know is the first time, just met her qualifications. And she is still very beautiful, just a lot of plump. When she saw me, she remembered that I was big. If you are me, do not know if there will be a little proud. I am。

of course, I also thought that when we interviewed with the woman at school, she had an amazing memory. She told us a lot of people to describe themselves, and then let everyone repeat what others say. Hey, where do you remember? But she can.

The qualification of

of this interview, she told me. In fact, she felt that I was not prepared enough, asked me if I can go back to prepare, but I insist on an interview, although unhappy, or let me go. Of course, I was killed again. The so-called perseverance, persistence, suddenly becomes a legend.

entry procedures, unprecedented enthusiasm. A bunch of people were dragged to focus on training. This training together, probably less than 400 people. Divided into four squadrons. Everybody running for captain and captain. I have hope and fear. When the captain was later selected, finally summoned the courage. So, I was the captain of our training squadron three, about more than and 90 people look like, it seems.

discipline is very strict, a lot of lessons. When I heard these words, I had a big head. Because a lot of thought and knowledge, I have not even understand. Impressed by the story of the teacher told Mao Shengjiang. The market performance is not good, heroic collective resignation. From scratch, just like a hero. This makes my heart surging, yeah, do things have dignity. Of course, I also slowly heard a number of different versions, there are some different angles of interpretation. One thing to explain more, it is complicated, so the fact is how, I also do not understand.

if I was ignorant of the enlightenment "in SKYWORTH

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