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has little financial and technological inventions, shining in the sky, and the stars also have rules of these stars how to run, so we hope that the final financial technology can in a reasonable human wisdom in the rules, find their own growth and development prospects of soil, and ultimately bring us a better society.

now, as long as the giants, there is a Pratt & Whitney financial heart, and the way to achieve is the financial technology.

September 1st World Congress on Baidu, Baidu senior vice president Zhu Guang said, "Baidu finance to become a real financial technology company, the use of artificial intelligence technology, the upgrading of traditional finance, to achieve financial inclusion of the dream".

original, Baidu also has a Pratt & Whitney financial heart. It seems that after the Internet banking, the amount of technology has become the mainstream of new vocabulary.

farming life is a kind of labor, people are part of the land. In the industrial age, life is a kind of exchange. Life is a kind of liberation, people will become part of art.

technology can bring mankind liberation, but science and technology finance is not easy.

August 26th, School of business head Wu Xiaobo channel held a new financial hall class, twelve financial Montana nearly 10 words share, from "financial innovation" Internet plus era "talk to the new financial advance, challenges and opportunities", B12 compressed into the following essence, hopefully, in the financial wave of transformation you, I’m not a bystander.

science and technology to create another possible financial

point network co-founder Guo Yuhang

financial technology is a new term after the Internet tuyere.

Wikipedia on the definition of financial technology is the use of science and technology to improve the efficiency of the financial sector, reduce the cost of business model. Financial technology is not just the technology itself, but also a business model.

, Alipay, P2P, all the chips, this generation of financial technology business model has a huge feature: the original financial industry banks did not cover the service people, service through technology mode.

P2P is to solve the problem of small loans, the bank had no interest, now P2P in solution; with WeChat and Alipay, the third party payment, solves the massive micro payment. Raise the public, no Internet, raise a few dollars from tens of millions of hands per person to complete his dream, this round is the original traditional industry service to users with no technical coverage.

before we think of the application of the technology in the financial industry, we think more technology is the server, but now it has become a major financial institutions kill.

finance is very interesting, we look at the second half of the financial institutions to become a big killer. In the end is to become a financial institution can grasp the big kill it or become a financial machine >

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