From the rapid rise of GitHub to see another round of open source technology

every day about ten thousand new users to join the GitHub family, the open-source project resource library currently has a membership of two million and eight hundred thousand. This size of the user groups to create twenty-five thousand new resources every day, which makes the GitHub open source project team is currently reaching an alarming rate of four million and six hundred thousand. Since its inception in 2008, the site was only in the year of 2012 to get a 133% increase in the size of the user, the library is expanded by more than 171%.

With the rapid growth of

GitHub, many people are optimistic that the field of open source technology now being brought out another round of life. Although in a very long period of time as the source of technical experts only thankless "pet" project, but obviously today is no longer open large enterprises can afford things (such as the first open source enterprise earnings over one billion Red Hat Inc). Whether the enterprise managers or developers have begun to examine the value and significance of open source with different attitudes.

‘s interest in open source software from various angles also need to be further improved, research firm RedMonk founder and analyst Stephen O ‘noted that Grady. Through the construction of the coding community, GitHub is becoming the main platform to promote this process. "Collaboration certainly much better than alone," GitHub in its official blog at the end of his speech wrote. GitHub according to software development, we will have a huge team of two million and eight hundred thousand people.

, co-founder and managing partner of CISO group and NetWork Worldblogger website, Alan Shimel said he believes the second golden age of open source has emerged. The first explosive growth occurred in the 90s of last century, Linux, MySQL and a number of other technologies to open source projects officially into the vision of business managers. And today, open source projects are absorbed by Android, OpenStack, Hadoop, MongoBD and other prestigious new members. "It is these massive open source projects that bring us the second golden age," he said.

In addition to

, even a lot of open source projects are still in the early stages of development has begun to be accepted by the enterprise. "Open source projects are no longer synonymous with trash and blemishes," Shimel said. "In support of the enterprises, open source has been officially toward the stage from behind the scenes." Floyd Strimling, vice president of Zenoss technology community, open source management company believes that this may be the biggest change ushered in open source projects. "Big companies are starting to allow employees to contribute to open source projects," he told us.

on OpenStack as an example: including Rackspace, HP, DELL, including a number of mainstream technology vendors have opened their arms to the open source, and as a constant

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