North dragon will push the domain name cloud service provider or small impact

recently, according to the North Long net sources, the company plans to launch a set of complete and reliable cloud analysis service, it is understood that this program includes analytical services, trust services, free intelligent recursive SMEs hosting services, enterprise DNS hosting service, enterprise DNS backup service.

North Long net called for the implementation of this scheme, they have been combined with CNNIC development of the 9 industry standards related to the domain name domain name, domain name, security operation, technical requirements of IPv6 network domain requirements of each part of domain name chain, of which two safety standards have approval of the Ministry of.

in addition, North China also combined with long loopholes and problems the international domain name analytic software BIND, has developed a set of independent intellectual property rights of domain name service software.

November 12, 2009, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued a notice on its website, announced that it has invested in North Long net, responsible for transport general web site and wireless web services, the registered capital of 17 million 915 thousand and 400 yuan.

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