People fight against piracy first hit the site navigation station

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through the court smoothly to Shanghai public insurance Limited by Share Ltd claims 2 million 170 thousand yuan, recently, Microsoft China will spearhead the huge domestic anti piracy Internet system, as one of the key Microsoft Chinese "research", Microsoft will first Dongguan Tonecan Network Communication Company (hereinafter referred to as the Dongguan Action Network) to court, and claims from the original 600 thousand yuan to 1 million 580 thousand yuan. (Nanfang Daily May 18th)

aggressive face of Microsoft, Dongguan Internet cafes attitude rather helpless. "If every computer is required to install genuine operating system, for now the Internet industry in profit operations, will undoubtedly be a heavy blow." Microsoft v. Dongguan dynamic network, surveyed Internet cafe owners complain to reporters, and called on the industry to the relevant responsible person can actively take anti-monopoly measures. Although it is expensive to install genuine operating system can not be a reason, but can not be absolute reason. If that is because the price is expensive for piracy, it is justified. It is clear that, in addition to the lack of antitrust measures, the Chinese version of the user’s awareness has yet to be strengthened. So at present, antitrust, anti piracy and "self-reliance" should be in order to get rid of the shadow of Microsoft must be a task, are indispensable. In my opinion, to combat piracy, first of all to fight against the interests of the chain behind the piracy system – site navigation.

there is no interest, no one will take such a big risk to do the sale of pirated. On the Internet, every piece of pirated system CD which will have several Trojan or plugins, behind every download system files will have a forum system, and a system behind each forum have a web site navigation, behind every web site navigation has an Internet gangster figure, a chain behind each web site navigation is money. Simply speaking, huge traffic site navigation Home pirated CDs locked brings to each big web site navigation brought money (the flow number is big enough to bring money is not an ordinary person can imagine), and make money site navigation website master support system development and the piracy piracy system promotion forum. Therefore, it is useless to simply confiscate pirated system discs, and it is of no use to seal up the Research Forum on piracy, because as long as the site navigation exists, they are destined to cultivate a new system of piracy and piracy.

a lot of people do not understand what site navigation can bring much benefit, so some people say to me sniff at. In fact, this is very simple, you will see hao123 (Baidu bought hao123 in 2004 to 11 million 900 thousand yuan and 40 thousand shares of Baidu stock price) per year to Baidu revenue, how much is divided into you go look at the Baidu alliance each year to the members of the Union (April 26, 2010 first financial news: Baidu announced that Baidu will upgrade the product realization based on the ability to further improve the network advertising promotion into proportion, the proportion increased by 10-15 percentage points. Baidu CEO Robin Li said Baidu 2>

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