Aiming at the sea Amoy babe network by the supplier, burn the bridge after crossing it

cross-border electricity supplier boom from last year has been burning this year, while the Japanese king and the king is one of concern star products. Many parents also want to rely on this boom to get attention and rapid development, and to prepare a good story for financing or listing and gimmicks.

but a business magnate and Japan Kao babe network supplier to billion state power network broke the news: they may because of cross-border electricity supplier boom lying gun, become a victim of platform business adjustment "".

vendor sales in August inexplicably stopped

it is understood that at the beginning of this year, the supplier and the electricity supplier maternal babe network signed a one-year contract. After the supplier’s products every month in Kao Beibei online three special, each for a period of 5 days; two times per month by the king.

the supplier operators responsible person: "Beibei to arrange special online only sales, in the absence of special arrangements within the time, users on the platform to see is also to search related products."

and schedule sales had regular was halted in August. In preparation for activities of the supplier when suddenly found everything in good order and well arranged, QQ signature babe network operating personnel changed: from King and flowers in the sea had purchased only.

and the supplier of the goods imported by Kao parallel trade way, king is to purchase the total generation Chinese area, two channels are required to pay tax, instead of cross-border electricity supplier.

"we are a common identity of the supplier and the signing of babe network, we also have to take cross-border channels KAO products, have their own positions in the bonded area, but is available for other platforms." The person in charge explained. So at that time I saw this sentence on the Mongolian, we can not sell on the platform in the future?

after the discovery of babe network staff QQ signature changes, the person in charge to the babe network asked the relevant circumstances, the schedule was told before August canceled, you can arrange a special Kao is uncertain. And Babe network staff said that this is very suddenly suddenly issued a notice of higher.

babe network operators and suppliers dialogue

babe network operators and suppliers dialogue

babe network operators and suppliers on special goods’ dialogue million

babe network staff at the beginning of the period of comfort businesses, only delayed, must do "consumer goods" arrangements for businesses in August. But after that, babe network related personnel, the superior has not approved the August special goods supplier Kao is no way to arrange special.

throughout August, we can not be sold in Beibei online, special deal, users will not see, not search. This is a babe network and other platform operation mode in different places. >

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