Why companies are willing to buy their own domain name

      the recent news about the domain beyond count especially enterprises spend lots of money, and the transaction price for the domain name news. "The six" millions to buy 6.cn, "pig" hundreds of thousands of dollars for zhubajie.com; "Wall Street" WallStreet.com reached $3 million bid, the more violent news is: aizhongguo.com (love China) bid to call 1 billion 300 million.

      as is known to all, domain name is the exclusive identification of the location of a web site on the internet. Domain name has the online index feature, can attract business opportunities on the Internet, the extension of brand value. In the new economic era, any enterprise in order to enter the Internet can not cross the domain name has the basic stage, so its important existence value is beyond doubt.

      first of all let us first analysis, if the domain name associated with their own loss, what will happen to the enterprise. Our company name is "transit", mainly to provide network customer service, if we lost "transit" the domain name for a clothing company to register, missing people click on the station when the thought of our company change, at least for our image adversely affected. If people have an ulterior motive and reactionary, obscene yellow built website? The result will be more be unbearable to contemplate. The value of well-known trademark is self-evident, the creation of a well-known brand, often need decades, hundreds of years of unremitting efforts. Because the domain name thing destroyed the value of the trademark is that it does not pay.

      second, let us re analysis of the purchase or redemption of the domain name can really play an ideal role. The six room site just on the line, visited six rooms Alexa website ranking is 6000, and the traffic is ranked after 36000, since the 6.CN is enabled, the past few days, visited six rooms has exceeded one million, has become a leader in video sites in six rooms overnight. By the end of July, six of the housing website ranking has climbed to 580 in the world (behind the six room success cannot do without the effect of 6.CN on the news). The profit is the ultimate goal of enterprises, can make money and Why not??

      the other is the face of the problem. It can be said to emerge in an endless stream suffix:.Com;.Cn (China); Hcom.cn;.Mobi;.Tv;.Cc and so on, light for us Chinese has registered more than 10, but you have seen CCTV, Google, Baidu of the domain name even if it is any kind of suffix others use? Instead of saying these with a head, so many companies registered the domain name is a waste, but rather they are.

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