How to optimize the account structure of Baidu bidding

do a lot of Baidu bidding, the account has a fatal problem, it is unreasonable account structure. Baidu bidding account framework is very basic, but it is also the most important part, if the account is not set up the right framework, the latter are all in vain to optimize. In the account we have contacted, 90% of people do not understand the structure of the Baidu account, promotion plan, promote the unit with a word to describe that is chaotic. Group is not reasonable, creative writing is also a big problem. After the extension of the unit does not have the structure, the group is also unreasonable, the quality is not to mention.

The SEO optimization like

Baidu bidding account as if your whole account structure is not reasonable, the packet (promotion unit) and not related keywords, or the correlation is not very good, is not in accordance with the requirements to creative writing, later to be adjusted is a relatively hard thing. If this is the case, your account is basically wasted.

so we in the end how to optimize Baidu account structure own settings? To solve this problem, the night of March 19th 20:00, A5 took a Baidu Certified Network invited SEM marketing experts – Jade scholar, free for everyone "of how to optimize the analytic bidding Baidu account structure?" jade scholar after a lot of combat experience summed up for promotion a lot of experience, let you abandon the unscientific ways, in the bidding promotion real detours.

jade scholar, focus on the promotion of six years, is China Electronic Commerce Association registered trainer, director of Electronic Commerce Association of Qingdao China IECE certification exam center, Qingdao city leader 100 Network Limited CEO, Baidu certified SEM marketing experts.

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