Baidu launched C2C

search engine giant Baidu, finally determine their own timetable for e-commerce. Reporters learned yesterday, the company disclosed in the second quarter 2008 earnings report, will be officially launched at the end of this year C2C (personal to personal) business.

investment tour has begun to

"our C2C business development is proceeding as planned." Baidu CEO Robin Li said.

Since the second half of last year,

announced that it will enter the field of e-commerce, Baidu’s every move will cause widespread concern in the industry. In fact, started earlier this month, the search of "big brother" has been in Beijing, Ningbo, Guangzhou and other places to start a network trading platform investment exhibition activities great in strength and impetus.

"this exhibition is the largest platform before the release of the operation of the market." Baidu relevant responsible person told the reporter, the first wave of investment activities focus on areas with high maturity in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta and other e-commerce market, then there will be a broader and deeper penetration of the second wave, the third wave of investment activities.

fully integrated search platform

Although the

e-commerce platform has not been officially unveiled, but Baidu has made it clear that it will provide the web search, community activities, network alliance, multidimensional transaction oriented, with Baidu search, Post Bar, know platform integration.

"we want to provide one-stop shopping experience for 196 million users." Li Mingyuan, general manager of Baidu e-commerce division, said payment, logistics and other online trading services are also supporting the final sprint preparations.

the official also told reporters that Baidu search data C2C relying on massive, the transaction process is optimized, buyers browse, purchase experience will be more open, and the seller’s settled, management and sales will be more concise.

e-commerce to fight endurance

Robin Li and Ma Huateng have formed a encirclement of ma." Experts commented that this marks the e-commerce of the Warring States era has really come, who can laugh to the last to fight endurance.

iResearch consulting second quarter survey data show that China’s C2C market size has been $27 billion 100 million, Taobao, pat, eBay, three points, the market share reached 81.9%, respectively, and 8.2%. However, this does not mean that the overall situation has been set.

in Ma Huateng’s view, if B2B is a very promising field, Ma will continue "blood transfusion", then Taobao will dominate the C2C, Baidu, Tencent and eBay have little opportunity to catch up.

obviously, Baidu, Tencent are ready to fight a protracted war with the Alibaba, and prepared enough fodder for". Just released second quarter earnings report, Baidu’s second quarter revenue grew by 100%, reaching $802 million 600 thousand, while net profit of up to 265 million yuan, up by

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