Why do people often say that the ten venture of the nine dead

Abstract: for the start-up and founder of the company, no matter whether to raise the performance of the company, the company has not made money, the company operation cost, team salary will not be reduced. Eat slow fish in the fish age, your products and business models to be copied, and soon be copied in the market leader.

venture in China in recent years, the fire can not fire again. When you are still in the end of the year and next year’s job hopping to worry about, you know, the average age of Chinese entrepreneurs, has been young to 24.67 years old.

entrepreneurial army surging, increasingly powerful, but really good business


open Baidu, Internet venture related search results are 9230000, while the Internet venture failed, the search results also reached 1340000.


why do people often say that " ten entrepreneurs of the nine dead "??

true story from entrepreneurs around

why do people often say, "ten of the top nine dead?"

on this issue, know almost on the etheric capital of an answer, won the super million points praise. Answer interviews with entrepreneurs, interviewed them around family and friends, collected some true stories in the entrepreneurs around minutes occur, citing "to tell you a joke, I is a start-up company CEO" small part of material. The contents are as follows:

# you are the boss, you are the boss of the #


in order to create a great work experience

I don’t like the Internet Co

said every day like the state-owned


so I don’t have to

before 11 a.m.

see other employees outside cleaning


employees believe weekend sacred

so I often work overtime in the company

occasionally encountered rub rub rub the company’s air conditioning

just graduated single young Zhang


today found no secret actually have their own company group

inside in addition to scold me SB, is to ask where to go good

I also anonymous said, "in fact, the company is not so bad,"

group all the people answered immediately "CEO" "CEO you are"


is that obvious?


today at 1 in the morning to go home

took a photo of the night in Beijing to the circle of friends

suddenly see company Micro

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