Discussion on how to carry out group activities and set up a group service network

on how to carry out group activities and set up a group service network creative

today "website comments on" (13119606) in the group of brothers told me Saturday presided over the discussion, I look at the issue, and proposed several questions for group of friends asked about whether they will, one group of friends said he mentioned the issue of "the direction of development, 08 years of website profit model and innovation direction?" interested in, want to know more about myself, but on this issue is not very understanding, there is no ready speaker ", I am bad! No issue speaker, easily become a mere formality, ruined our appetite, quickly to refuse, and I wrote this article to explain why say this.

whether it is a topic of discussion or lecture, the purpose is to exchange information, dissemination of knowledge, and jointly improve. In order to broaden their horizons, scholars, absorb knowledge. In order to teach, imparting knowledge, understanding and feedback. Here you need a foundation, someone must have in-depth and meticulous research and exploration of the topic, so as to put the advanced information on the topic to everyone, to learn knowledge, to teach director, Teaching benefits teachers as well as students. As for why I do not advocate the following discussion, in no case the reason:

1, no speaker will lead to discussions of low level, low level repeat.

, for example, the first topic of discussion, the development direction of the site for 08 years, the website profit model

style and innovation direction to determine the direction of the development of the site, you must be familiar with the history of the development of the site track, understand the new situation of the development of the site, the new environment, in order to make the right prediction. The same way to determine the site’s profit model and innovation must also understand the history of the development of the site has emerged in the history of profit model, innovation, otherwise you talk about, you think, it is likely that others have discarded. It is not helpful to discuss the outdated and the bottom level to provide the level of the participating members, but it may mislead the members to participate in the thinking and cause more losses.


2, no speaker will lead to the theme scattered members, out of control, effect of variation.

since no one speaker, members must speak by the host strong control can smoothly into the

line. Why should a strong control, because no one will cause the speech content level will reduce, reduce the level of, plus the audience level, the topic under discussion is likely to hear some people boring, naturally talk about other aspects of can’t help. The group is a loose organization, there is no business rules and regulations, so we must rely on the strong control of the host to proceed smoothly. However, we are all brothers in the group, once you use strong words ask you how to do, part of the group of friends will lose the interest of participation, you try to force your way of thinking with him and let him listen to him that low levels of content, how could he be with interest, unless the spokesman is his boss and he was willing to bow and scrape to a proper extent. At the same time, >

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