Micro-blog happy happy net in micro-blog within a week will open beta

news October 21st, happy network founder, CEO Cheng Binghao has confirmed that micro-blog will be happy within a week to open beta. This means that happy network has become the first foray into micro-blog’s SNS site. In view of whether it will compete with the portal on the issue, Cheng Binghao said: micro-blog huge market space, portals and happy in this area, cooperation and complementarity is much greater than competition.

differentiation: cooperation complementary than competitive

Cheng Binghao said, happy micro-blog planning started two months ago, soon to complete the related research and development work has been carried out inside a month, has basically reached the requirements of mature products, "micro-blog launched the main purpose is to make happy, happy net users more convenient to communicate, to enrich the website function to enhance the user experience".

when asked about the major portals have micro-blog as a priority among priorities for future development, while happy net launched micro-blog, it means that competes directly with the portal site, Cheng Binghao said, happy micro-blog positioning and portal micro-blog is different, the relationship between cooperation and complementary.

Cheng Binghao believes that SNS (Social Network) is the essence of ‘real relationship’, the essence of micro-blog is’ content sharing ‘, the two are not antagonistic, but can complement each other, promote each other. Therefore, the core value of happy micro-blog is: relying on the ‘real relationship’ of ‘content sharing’, with a circle of friends, the same thing is more likely to resonate, micro-blog interactive value will be high. So, happy micro-blog in content, form and user habits, will have great difference with the portal micro-blog, users coincidence degree is not too high, not only is not a competition between the two, but also produce a complementary effect.

big micro-blog era coming?

development is undoubtedly the most successful Sina micro-blog, relying on the first mover advantage, attracting a large number of social elite involved, often detonated social hot topics. As of the second quarter of this year, Sina micro-blog users has exceeded 20 million.

, however, other portals in the micro-blog business investment has not been relaxed because of sina’s strong, on the contrary, the competition has become increasingly fierce trend. Not long ago, Zhang Zhaoyang has made it clear that Sohu to fight against Sina for a non cost micro-blog war to avoid its monopoly advantage.

is not only a portal to Baidu, Tianya is a search engine and community website for micro-blog and have some action look at fiercely as a tiger does.

and happy network as a representative of China’s social network, the establishment of only two years, registered users on the breakthrough 90 million, and very high activity, the strategy and means to attract white-collar workers in the city has been praised for the industry. Now enter the micro-blog market, does it mean that the big micro-blog era prologue is about to open it?

assistant dean of Renmin University of China School of journalism Zhou Yong said that as a new form of communication and sharing of information, micro-blog’s development has just started. Just like tradition

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