Bubble network was black, some areas can not be normal access

A5 station network (www.admin5.com) April 14th news: according to informed sources claimed that parts of pcpop.com station was black, at present the 500 error page, then display the source code, the website directly jump to a mobile gaming website. According to professional analysts speculated that this situation should be part of the server room was attacked.

bubble mobile version screenshot

bubble net home 500, the source code

wait to open the bubble net home screenshot

about bubble net, bubble net is one of China’s most authoritative and influential IT vertical interactive portal, since its inception in 2000 has been committed to the value creation and information dissemination of IT products. Bubble network founder Li Xiang is also the founder of the car home site, the current president of the car house. We all know that the car home just listed soon, the pcpop.com attack might think Li Xiang no time to take care of the loopholes and pcpop.com.

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