China nternet acquisition integration failure TOP 7

lead: acquisition integration is the door of knowledge, even if it is BAT, it will have lost time. In recent years, these 7 typical cases of failure, all told us that the perfect win-win is not easy. Complementary advantages and bigger and stronger, we must consider the full.


over the past two years, the surge in the acquisition of Internet Co, major buyers to BAT based. Specific to the breakdown of the field, they are in terms of electricity providers, O2O (buy class as representative), video integration failure cases more. In the end the acquirer in which step wrong? Why not adapt to the acquisition of the subsequent development of the following, we cited a few typical cases:


acquirer: Tencent

was acquired: Yi Xun

: the failure index assumes



event playback: the Tencent’s own electricity supplier has been like a a milksop. So in 2010, Tencent and a new generation of professional e-commerce consumer service website, easy fast network reached a strategic cooperation. 2012 Tencent invested 200 million acquisition of easy fast network of 100% equity. The easy fast after the Tencent wants to expand the QQ online shopping on Taobao, Jingdong, but there has been no breakthrough success. Now, the pattern of the electricity supplier has been difficult to shake, only reluctantly give fast and easy, and ultimately to $214 million + +QQ online shopping easy fast pat Network + a small stake (estimated 10%) married with Jingdong, acquired 15% of the shares of the Jingdong before IPO.

failure reasons: from 2006 to today, Tencent has done more than 7 years of electricity supplier. Electricity supplier in this Tencent’s all business, not how profitable but insisted on one of the longest items. Natural lack of electricity supplier gene, Tencent has not wanted to understand a problem, that is the value of the electricity supplier to do where the Tencent.


acquirer: Shanda

was acquired: cool 6

: the failure index assumes you


event playback: 2006, cool 6 network was formally established. Due to the problem of resource restructuring, in 2009 was a grand acquisition, and became the world’s first listed on the NASDAQ video site. After 5 years after the grand acquisition, cool has undergone several transformations in, Li Shanyou, founder of the departure in 2012. After the transformation of UGC 6 although the loss of a substantial reduction, but can not escape the fate of the video out of the first camp. Since then, frequent adjustment of grand executives also failed to reverse the decline.

failure reasons: in the field of Internet video, even the back of the grand, cool 6 has become increasingly marginalized. In the cool 6 is a grand after hours, the past few years has been replaced by the 3 CEO, the highest share price from $8 to now.

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