The value of the user should be in the first place

editor’s note: for so many years, down from the 2 development site bumps, has been that the "aborted", but now users and traffic is occupied the dominant position of industry. Why? Because of the common values of a group of people, insist on long-distance running together, because from the first day of the founder has been put the value of the user in the first place, adhere to do valuable work for the user.

today is the Mid Autumn Festival, in this, I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, good health, national day want to travel to play a good profit, want to rest on the rest enough.

in the team to break 200 people when the size of the team, and I made an important choice for and car home each chose a president, for the future, one is more suitable for such a management position of competence, on the other hand I myself no longer concern too specific the transaction, so that the whole team can effectively put the rights and responsibilities of full decentralization, give full play to the more than and 200 person team of each individual ability, also can let me pay more attention to some problems and some thoughts.

is a beautiful performance, bubble net has been completed quarter revenue grew more than 100%, and then the car home for several times an increase, due to the accelerated growth of the staff size, car home will also be at the end of the month to move into the new office, Chinese electronic building 17 layer.

for so many years, from a 2 person Shijiazhuang small bumps personal website development today, started the car home from the beginning of the consensus is not optimistic about 2 years ago, or even think "aborted", now reflected in users and traffic superiority. If such a development is coming, but I don’t know why it failed, but also sad, so for a long time I have been summarized and thinking, why?

why? Because there is a group of people, they have common values, and their love of people in love do work together every day, the business do better together, by adhering to and running, some day in the future together to make a great career. This group of people may be different, different personality, but the pursuit of the same values.

why? Because the team from the first day of the founding has been the user value in the first place, because we are so more users, understand the needs of users, insist on doing something of value to our users, and the user can clearly locate consumers (to buy digital products, car) and users.

is this two based on the people and things in the "tools" to oversee our entire team, because the team to enhance the continuous improvement of the two "tools", continue to introduce outstanding people the same values, we constantly improve the norms and procedures, things continue to insist that the distorted, not for immediate some day in the future we will benefit, is great for users and social contribution value of the. (commissioning editor admin01)

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