Ma Huateng Robin Li, T NPC and CPPCC Lei brother most selection proposal! Which one do you prefer

Kun Peng found that there was a IT chiefs of the two proposals before the God summary, control of their proposals this year to see if God is accurate?

Lei Jun: what to do, to mention again dry;

Robin Li: what to do, do it again;

Ma Huateng: what hot mention of the Internet to solve hot issues;

Liu Qiangdong: it’s all about Ali!


former chairman of Suning’s proposal is to mention what is black Alibaba, but since the 28 billion 300 million yuan of shares Ali Suning, he changed!

Dong said: you didn’t stand


yes, and let the users hot comments, it is about Ma Huateng Lei patent, copyright! Why, you know



one, the most scientific proposal

the most scientific and technological proposal on the two sessions on unmanned and automatic driving. Robin Li, chairman of Baidu CEO and Geely Group, coincidentally, at the meeting this year, the CPPCC National Committee proposal to speed up the construction of the driving laws and regulations of the.

but from the content of the proposal carefully, you will find automatic driving, someone’s participation, but in many cases, by the car to complete the driving work automatically; and no one, no one involved.

just as someone commented: autopilot is next year, driverless is the future thing!

indeed, the greater the challenge of unmanned, involving more artificial intelligence, big data and other technical aspects of the problem, the need for more technical innovation combined with the internet.


two, the most ambitious proposal

just as summarized in the previous, Ma Huateng always hot concern about the hot and people’s livelihood!

Tencent CEO Ma Huateng suddenly raised five proposals, involving the sharing economy, internet medical, digital content industry, Internet Security and ecological "Internet plus" landing measures five people’s livelihood content.

each proposal has a certain relationship with the people, each involving the big business behind.


: for example, the proposal said that in 2015 China’s share of the economic market size of more than 1 trillion yuan. While the United States to share the total economy has more than 3 trillion yuan (accounting for GDP of the United States of America), and the proportion of the non-financial sector to share more than 90% of the economy. In contrast, there is much room for the development of China’s share economy.

research institutions believe that internet medical market size reached 25 billion 790 million in 2016, more than 80 billion in 2020.

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