‘s father, Zhang Xiaolong Costa Rica has never lost control of WeChat!


"what does Jobs’s success mean?" Zhang Xiaolong replied, "it’s pure success." WeChat has been put on the track of Zhang Xiaolong, perhaps from the bottom of my heart, still want to adhere to this pure. Zhang Xiaolong believes that Jobs’s success stems from pure, WeChat is also the same. But the outside world is looking forward to his career can have more possibilities, but also worried that he can continue to adhere to the pure Tencent

than expected heishou, cramped, is a landmark figure." This is a media reporter comments. Today, in the Chinese Internet circles, it seems to have become a Zhang Xiaolong prize. One is because he has rarely appeared, two is because the decisive influence of WeChat.

over the past two years, WeChat users soared from 50 million to more than 400 million, Tencent Holdings (00700.HK) is due to WeChat’s imagination, the market value of one hundred billion u.s.. Zhang Xiaolong I also grew up with variable technology expert circles and media chase for the known as "the father of WeChat", even "deification".

but it is in the process of Tencent WeChat as the core competitiveness, the industry began to rational view of Zhang Xiaolong, as people questioned are on WeChat commercial, get both praise and blame.

and his success is the embodiment of innovation in Geek spirit and Jobs China, but his success is not entirely due to the individual talent, the horse, the most fortunate than he met Ma Huateng the bole and Tencent this enough to ride platform.

his understanding of literature and philosophy that he successfully put their values on WeChat, WeChat made the beauty of simplicity, but he seems inept character may make the world more misunderstanding on WeChat.

From the

launch Foxmail (with Microsoft (34.45, 0.32, 0.94%) to be comparable to Outlook), the acquisition of Tencent, and the Tencent developed the "Seven Star" (QQ large attachments to email), the launch of WeChat, Zhang Xiaolong is taking a geek or product manager road. Many entrepreneurs have often claimed to be product managers, such as Jobs, Ma Huateng, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as. This is the trend in the mobile Internet era.

but product managers are not necessarily entrepreneurs. In 2013, the same poor social and Zhang Xiaolong Zuckerberg has completed the transformation from Geek to entrepreneurs, but Zhang Xiaolong did not choose the same path.

from programmer to product manager

Zhang Xiaolong gave the first name card of the world is the founder of Foxmail. 1997, Zhang Xiaolong’s own programming Foxmail available, and quickly reached 4 million users with an excuse monument.

this year, a letter signed by Zhang Xiaolong university students recalled that the other people to do the software, according to the appearance of the anti launch is how it came out, and the dragons do things >

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