Zhang Xiaolong eight principles of WeChat public platform 14 WeChat open class live

[Abstract] in today’s WeChat open class Pro version, Zhang Xiaolong elaborated in detail from eight aspects of WeChat’s idea and direction for the open platform.

    WeChat open class PRO version – WeChat – Thinking – wisdom



Tencent Francisco December 11th news, WeChat official annual open class wrap – "WeChat open class Pro version" held today in Beijing, the theme is called "WeChat · · thinking; wisdom". Tencent Inc senior executive vice president Zhang Xiaolong at the opening of the video link that WeChat public platform slogan is "small individuals have their own brand," he from eight aspects elaborated the principle and direction of WeChat open platform.

is the following speech:

everyone to participate in WeChat open class friends, hello. First of all, it is a pity that we can not come to the scene to communicate with you, because some of the recent events. But I am also very honored to have this opportunity to introduce to you through the video, WeChat open platform for some of the ideas and direction. In the WeChat public platform, we have a slogan: we can see on the Internet, is a small individual also has its own brand. A lot of people have different understanding of this sentence. This sentence comes from our earliest in the design of this public platform. We’re thinking about what we want to do, what we want to do, and finally we get all the ideas out of the way. Today, I would like to pass a few points to our slogan, a more detailed exposition.

first, we hope to be able to encourage valuable services

what is the value of the service, for example, for example, a few years ago in the blog era, when the blog was very prosperous, but after a period of time the blog slowly decline. Then we made a public platform after we are very surprised to see from the media, as well as some bloggers before they re invested in, and in the public platform inside more and more good original articles, as a platform, we are very pleased to see such an investment. From this perspective, we are very encouraged, very good article can appear on the public platform, we think this is a very valuable service to users, it is also involved in many other things in every kind of. That’s a lot of content we will find that our platform will take some more stringent measures to control it. For example, a variety of induced classes, to induce users to share the circle of friends, for example, there may be some copyright issues or some H5 games, we have finally done some restrictions. We will always be able to grasp a little, which;

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