Web site to close the train ticket transfer information that has been shut down notice

website to close train ticket transfer information

website said received notice of the police to combat trafficking ticket; two layer station pit mouth closed yesterday emergency

last night, ganji.com, kuxun, train ticket network, train network website is temporarily unable to display train ticket transfer information. Part of the site posted a notice that, in order to combat ticket dealers and ticket fraud, temporarily close the relevant contents of the transfer of train tickets. According to a staff member of the train ticket hotline said that the move is in the implementation of the public security department issued a notice, delete a lot of train ticket transfer information from yesterday afternoon.

ticket information can not be displayed properly

in accordance with the habits of previous years, Mr. Zhao is ready to buy someone else’s online transfer of train tickets to go home for the new year. Yesterday evening, Mr. Zhao login page open train ticket, train ticket transfer information, but found that the page has not displayed, website related information has been deleted, the train ticket transfer information and other related business temporarily closed. Zhao then click on other relevant information, are not normal display.

Mr. Zhao ganji.com, then open the train network, cruel dispatch have a ticket transfer information website, but found that these sites train ticket transfer information page has been unable to open, part of the site in the ticket transfer page posted notice of suspension of business.

website said it had received notice of shutting down

last night, the reporter log on to these sites, see the majority of the relevant transfer ticket information has been unable to open.

A notice posted on the website of the

train ticket said, because recently the scalper, ticket fraud is rampant, has brought tremendous impact to your ticket train ticket network environment, had to suspend the train ticket buy transfer platform. The reporter saw, ganji.com, cool news website and also issued a similar notice.

Reporters call the

train ticket hotline, a staff member said they received a notice of the public security department issued yesterday afternoon, as the ticket scalpers, ticket fraud, train ticket information transfer sites were closed temporarily unable to display, is currently unable to determine the opening time.

railway public security has not been notified

last night, the Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Railways propaganda department a responsible person said that the current specific network scalping, railway and public security departments in two to take a series of actions, but for mobile content whether notice off site related programs, there is no news in this regard.

users Paizhuan

shut down train ticket information should not be one size fits all

yesterday, the reporter saw at the end of the world, mop.com and other large community website users, train ticket transfer information about different view on the site shut down.

support website is ticket dealer paradise

"beach one": now many of the site’s transfer ticket information is sent by ticket dealers, to the time to rectify.

fine snow: these sites already reduced to tout the heaven, "

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