Rebate network marketing model by the end of the collapse of the road of entrepreneurship is no shor

In fact,

from Fujian before the "rebate network" crash, many industry insiders have been seriously questioned the "rebate network" profit pattern, a pull member rebate form by, and the pyramid and completely does not have what difference, but it is the marketing model of the line, moved to the Internet, has become a very attractive the profit model, in a very short time, various types of network such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like rebate appear on the Internet


Fujian "rebate network" for more than 1 billion of the scam, is undoubtedly the biggest scam found at present, but also out of the mix, sooner or later, you want to cut corners on the road of entrepreneurship, finally will let themselves become shortcuts because no way to go. This is not Fujian "rebate network" sponsors have now fled. Just waiting for their cold bars.

entrepreneurial road can not take shortcuts, but it can innovate

many webmaster friends may think that, if you don’t take shortcuts to compete with others through normal channels, even if the cost of all its strength, it may eventually evolve into a situation, so let the current there are still many owners in the operation of the site, are walking on the tip, the content of the website or is erotic the edge ball, or some contraband sales, of course, the more is the sale of counterfeit products occupy the majority, such as what decoder, pinhole camera etc..

these marginal sites, high profits, but also huge risks and competition, but also involves the crime may assist, so usually is strictly prohibited for sale, the sales on the Internet is not blocked, because the current technology is not up to the standard block, plus search engine fuel once, let these seemingly is a shortcut to the venture, let many webmaster have a pot of gold of life.

but this model actually can not last long, but always pay attention to whether the site was K, ranking is down, so many owners therefore have a serious neurasthenia, actually this is a kind of torture their own fear of the future, to give up the search for new profit model innovation road is the only right way so, how to realize the innovation of business model


it seems to be a difficult decision, in the current Internet plagiarism today, the Internet seems to throw entrepreneurial innovation, and the current Internet environment misfits, but only innovation is the key to success, to become the first person to eat crabs, but also long-term eating, is the core of the Internet entrepreneurship. Why is it possible for a small Internet application to generate billions of dollars abroad, while the country is often copied by countless times to be able to produce such a profit?

blind copy, one will lead to increased competition, on the other hand, there is no way to expand the market cake, only in the existing market inside the circle to squeeze out the competition, occupy more interests, this model can obviously not be lasting, and innovation is.

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