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1 WeChat is what: even a Tencent can not define the caterpillar  

what is WeChat? Ask our parents, they will certainly tell you that WeChat is a good social tool to contact friends and family of free tools. Many media people, WeChat is a directed broadcast media platform from the media tools self-employed. WeChat is what, because WeChat itself is still evolving, constantly updated product iteration, Tencent can not be accurately defined.

the night before and mobile Montana had airlines from 6:30 in the evening talk shoes to 10:30, disagreeable conversation half sentence, of course, too much, the boss will urge us away.

in the electricity supplier, in the mobile Internet trends and many other issues on our point of view is consistent, but the views of WeChat, or very different. He told WeChat is not so optimistic, because there are no big companies and major cases take example of shot instantly WeChat ecosystem. So subvert the subversion of that, some boast transition, and Tencent shares should return to reality.

2.ICANN was hacked to attack the employee account information leaked  

Beijing morning news on December 18th, the Internet domain name administration of ICANN on Wednesday said in a statement, the unidentified attackers breached the system sensitive institutions by a spear phishing attack. The attackers were thus able to obtain employee email accounts and personal information about people who have business dealings with ICANN.

ICANN also said that at the time of the attack, hackers get stored in the central region of the data administrator permissions all files in the organs of the system, and the system account owner name, postal address, e-mail address, fax number and telephone number, user name, and password is encrypted. Domain name registration services typically use this database to help manage the current allocation of hundreds of new top-level domains. Hackers also get access to the content management system of multiple blogs ICANN.

3 Taobao joint police issued a fake report: nearly 400 people have been arrested in  


December 18th noon news, today issued a "report" 2014 Taobao linkage police crackdown, in 2014, Taobao launched a joint operation with the public security organs, close by the end of December 12th, a total of 18 cases cracked cluster, destroyed more than and 200 dens selling fake, suspects were arrested nearly 400 people. The report also said it would continue to use big data to help law enforcement agencies to crack down on fake sources.

report data collection period from January 1, 2014 to December 12, 2014, is a joint summary of Taobao and the police to combat counterfeit situation. Because in the e-commerce platform, every transaction has been recorded in technology, each selling information are tracked, the traditional line.

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