Hammer phone T1 price 3000 yuan + feelings + two years of ridicule

read: Hammer mobile phone 2014 launch review: many details could constitute a great device to the original owner of the domain name domain name say hammer technology t.tt Insider Trading: Luo the sincerity of Luo Yonghao hammer mobile phone behind the analysis: Gambling fans agree from the hammer mobile phone Luo Yonghao 2 million acquisition of personalized domain name t.tt hammer mobile phone T1 price: 3000 yuan hammer taunt idol charm achievement + + two feelings? Luo Yonghao personal charm can hammer with fire? Luo Yonghao hammer phone can go far? The hammer mobile phone price 3000 yuan cited concerns about the industry: Luo hammer mobile phone in exchange for two years "joke"

May 20, 2014 evening, hammer phone conference, T1 mobile phone L debut. Pretty good, 16G sell 3000 yuan, 32G3150 yuan. At the same time, Luo announced that 1 million "stand up" the ticket income is donated, OpenSSL foundation. The end of the conference, he said, not to win, only seriously.

also seriously Ti media small deep thought, anyway, two years of sword, endured ridicule and tease N, Luo finally launched his hammer mobile phone T1, from his dream a step closer.


conference, the big screen also shows the hammer technology more than 200 staff head, Luo joked that they are from well-known technology companies, but because with a crosstalk, two years, endure humiliation and ridicule, the world today is to give some color.

According to official information released by Luo Yonghao

, Smartisan T1 16GB version is priced at 3000 yuan, 32GB version is priced at 3150 yuan, will be published in the book hammer’s official website (including the domain name t.tt website), after the conference scheduled to start at the beginning of July, delivery.

Luo Yonghao said, because a lot of people think hammer phone is low, so take a tall on the English name, Smartisan T1 will be the official name of the product as a hammer technology. In addition, Luo Yonghao introduced at the press conference said the next named hammer technology will continue the T1/T2/T3 naming rules, in this regard, there are users ridicule hammer technology products and named the airport terminal bar on the press conference.

about the specific performance, titanium media Xiaobian integrated information:

as the hammer technology first intelligent mobile phone, Smartisan T1 equipped with 1080p resolution 4.95 inch JDI Pixel Eyes in-cell fit the whole screen, powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 801 MSM8274AC quad core processor, which means that Smartisan T1 will not support the telecom network.

camera, Smartisan T1 equipped with a 12 million 780 thousand pixel SONY IMX214 generation Exmor RS stack CMO>

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