Pu’er tea bar 55 figure an example to explain the activities of the activities of the industry Web s

more and more websites, industry websites have started late First impressions are strongest momentum, the industry how to fast development, is not only the individual keywords flow can bring SEO development, user adhesion is the key, how to keep customers in the industry, is the fundamental position in the industry’s website.

site name: Pu’er tea bar (www.puertea8.com)

industry: Pu’er tea industry

main camp: Yunnan,,

times camp: Guangdong, Shanghai, Guizhou, Hongkong, Taiwan, and other


Pu’er Tea’s website site at the end of 2006, on-line operations began in early 2007, when the Pu’er Tea echao into the bottom of the valley, all Pu’er Tea sites. Many of them are the Pu’er Tea website has become climate, remember Admin5 also made "Pu’er Tea" key word SEO game.

Don’t talk about

Pu’er Tea echao cause is falling from the top of the hill, Pu’er tea industry, the industry information communication platform in desperate need of a loose fair, no hype mania, "Pu’er Tea" Tea Club in the context of ideas and began her course.

small tea tea enterprises from the start, in the main camp in Kunming, access to local merchants provide free site, tea, the organization was recognized as one of the few people in the industry and Pu’er Tea lovers, friends of tea, discussion and drinking Pu’er Tea, remember the first phase of the tea Club is only six individual.

but if you stick to it, the circle is powerful, in this a free form, like a snowball, to love tea as the main line, into the circle of people from all walks of life, they brought their information and energy, extends the circle of business and related auxiliary industries (packaging transportation and service) began to take root.

"Pu’er tea bar" the use of tea friends, began the course of development:

1, with tea as the main line of tea, tea for each phase will set up a different topic of discussion, so that the interests of tea friends, to avoid fatigue.

2, the use of "Pu’er Tea" network platform, for each period of Tea Club online real-time synchronous graphic reports (all real identity to network), attract a large number of foreign friends, retained the data (as if also partially solving original content problem).

3, after the use of the network platform for subsequent discussion. To great extent, stick to the user.

4, adhere to the free, relaxed environment, more and more enterprises begin to provide complimentary tea tea tea (also use the site for publicity) and tea club venues, tea club and the size of the form has been changed in the development, enrich the tea club.

5, through the tea club and network platform, it Pu’er Tea documented each bread by.

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