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determine the success or failure of the two factors near the network

With the development of

and other websites, we are positioned in close proximity to the Internet, and we must also face the challenge of how to profit. The ultimate success of the near net model depends on two key factors.

first, in the view of information dissemination, the audience how much commercial value: the Focus Media "building advertising" and all kinds of fashion magazines in advertising success, because they are more accurate delivery to advertisers most care about the crowd, help the customer to save the market cost.

secondly, the information receiver, the credibility of the information release is high. If a platform full of rubbish and argue, is a waste of time and energy for users, the platform will eventually lose the information release and accept the value of the two party.

over the past year, I have been to strengthen the two factors, trying to create a truly valuable business information platform.

is closer to the network is more like a member of the community

near the Internet is not a mystery, it must comply with the general business law – the restructuring of the value chain, to create value for customers". In fact, we have been in this year to strengthen the "people", opened in Haidian, Chaoyang, Fangzhuang and other areas of space, the users of the geographical segment further refinement, to attract small and medium service enterprises located in these areas. In this sense, more than any kind of Internet model, close to the network is more like a member of the community.

earn money in small and medium enterprises in the service of good personal

our profit can only be achieved through the service of small and medium enterprises, rather than individuals, but in order to get the cost of the enterprise, it must serve a good person.

"so we think the user experience is very important. In the final analysis of the site is to deal with people, not to flow. So close to the web site promises not to do pop-up ads, or the release of personal information charges."

users will always only pay for their recognized value

to ensure the effectiveness of information authenticity, eliminate spam, we formulated the strict measures of false information and spam under the pain killer; while increasing the manpower investment, strengthen information screening, to ensure that users can receive meaningful information, give users a perfect user experience.

lessons learned in the past, the Internet, users will always be recognized for their value only. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you die."

, such as Google, concise, clear, directed at the core, is my pursuit of the realm, I hope to strengthen the core competitiveness, the success of copying Craigslist. (commissioning editor admin01)

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