280 thousand knife domain 45.com use exposure and a navigation station

It is reported that in December 28th

hearing last week exposure, Chinese Chen Chun Sheng to 45.com $280 thousand price to buy digital domain of nearly 1 million 770 thousand yuan, this domain has enabled a low-key, platform. Life navigation station, domestic navigation station meet strong competitors.

2 character digital domain name only 100 of the world, very precious, 45.com domain name commercial value is high, and can be used in many fields, this year China has heavily to buy more 2 digital domain name, such as 88.com, 33.com and 11.com, Chinese people bought 11.com shortly after the domain name has been enabled to build entertainment site navigation station.


figure: 45 web page

In addition to

45 is a simple digital, but also homophonic "I do", in the upper left corner of the LOGO site marked "network life, I share the slogan, 45.com domain play creative, also have" standing "style, the domestic well-known Web site navigation 2345.com, 45.com domain name is" 23 "later 45.com, the navigation station, a little challenge 2345.com site taste.

in the domestic digital web site navigation application very much, 2 characters, 3 characters and 4 characters are used, such as the 46 web site navigation 46.com, 11 11.com, 369 entertainment navigation site navigation station 369.com, 3456 3456.com, 1166 for navigation station and 1166.com navigation station.

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