Some problems and solutions in the operation website

The color of the things in the

website promotion to a period of time, included Baidu search engines such as Google is normal, the reverse link is also increasing, we are faced with the problem also appeared, we began to play a fixed number IP number, slow growth, what is the problem?

I can summarize the questions as follows:

1, search engine has been too slow, the information is relatively backward

2, website content quality is not high

3, the link exchange efficiency is not high, originally can change no change. There is no friend chain system, but also a level report, trouble bar)

4, a single search engine promotion, too limited, you can consider Internet advertising

5, the overall structure of the site is limited, the directory of deep terrible

6, our forum to guide the user is too small, but the forum is included and the flow is greater than the main station


1, try to put Internet advertising

2, try new established multiple project sites, such as the double chromosphere lottery and so on, refinement of topics, run after the color of the things advertising service

3, the top of the forum to place ads, Choi thing through advertising

4, placed in the company’s other related products advertising

5, as soon as possible to complete the advertising alliance system, and cooperation with the forum and betting point cooperation

6, increase the promotion personnel, from the content to the Internet: Our Entry Management Forum, to the text, publish articles on the site, but also to the Internet posting, advertising, link, can our ability, but our energy can not, a website operation is not one or two people can, must be able to some more, some web site operators do I have ever seen a team, their website is more than a dozen individuals, even more people, we have such a large site, please consider giving us a team, I even see is a dozen people running a


7, try and NetEase, Sohu and other major media cooperation, in the corresponding section to leave our information

8, the final recommendations: website operation, is to fight a protracted war, 0.5 years ~3 years of operation is normal, must not be too anxious, insisted that victory

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