Do the station, do stand experience

      a lot of friends are struggling to explore what to do in the station, feeling no station to do. We are a bit tacky, usually trying to explore the friend must have been trying to use the web site to make money, I want to bring profit to our station, rather than just a personal hobby.

      today, Zorro combined with their own experience to do stand and exchange. Don’t talk about what people do stand experience, straight into the topic, hope is lost friends to have a little bit of inspiration.

      first, site positioning

      1 site IP positioning: do about IP1000 station.

      2 website daily income: daily income 1-6 knife.

      3 site Investment: about 60 yuan of space (stable good) +1 yuan CN domain name

      two, website construction

      1 site program: BLOG enough, according to their own preferences to choose a good BLOG as a web site program, it is recommended to use PJBlog, z-blog.

      2 website keyword: first choose a large range, such as novels, then use Baidu search index and novel Related words, search volume every day at around 1000, the ancient romance novels of 899, Cologne 724, 820 horror novel officialdom novels, 989, 987 military novels, Jin Yong 843 Novels, 923 color 1243 novels Qiong Yao’s novels, novels and so on, mobile phone 853, this word a lot, we will use this keyword as BLOG site name, put it in the < title>, even if you don’t write " keywords" description" " it’s not a big problem than is < title> had the best effect.

      3: Web site updates within a week, which posted 300 articles, which is updated daily forty or fifty article, not much, do not have to manually update the collection, the effect will be better, if you have the patience to each of the first two paragraphs re edit better. After a week, keep update daily two or three article, to update a month, this time your website on Baidu should be able to row to the first page of your < title> key words used in the first day of course even, from Baidu can bring 400-80> for you

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