Network marketing of the website

Abstract: combined with the author’s personal "in the relevant work experience to buy the" web site, around the site with the network marketing, discusses status of customer resource management in network marketing in the management and maintain the customer importance, elaborated on the website promotion process, how to adhere to the customer as the center to the implementation of network integration marketing, and some of the key strategies which are studied and discussed, the last part of the network marketing performance appraisal system for the description.


, network marketing, website promotion, customer resource management, network integrated marketing

one, the core of network marketing management is customer resource management.

1, the customer is in the active position in the modern network marketing. The development of the Internet, various websites are increasingly fierce competition, are like newspapers and magazines with earlier years to expand the circulation that exhaust all the skills to compete for the attention of customers. In the face of a very mature and rich network resources, customers can completely according to their wishes to choose goods or services. Not only can they make choices, but they also want to choose, they will demand more, and demand will change. Therefore, in the network marketing activities, the customer takes the initiative, they completely decide what information they need, what goods or services are interested and willing to accept what kind of terms of trade. Therefore, any web site must be from the height of the overall situation, at any time need to understand the requirements of the target market segments of the market, if necessary, adjust or even redesign the content and process of web services.

2, the customer’s active position requires marketing organizations to take the ultimate market segmentation strategy, multi angle to meet the needs of different customers, but also led to the increasingly complex and diverse customer groups. This initiative will lead to further differences in customer behavior and demand, with a variety of personalized needs. Network marketing use of cyber source characteristic fast, cheap, efficient and interactive features, achieve the ultimate market segmentation strategy of traditional marketing system is not possible, can be direct marketing tentacles extend to every specific customer, to meet their special needs for its products and services. At the same time, because of the advantages of network resources to obtain products and services, it also led to the rapid growth of Internet users, user groups become increasingly complex and diverse, increasing the difficulty of service. For example, "buy the network planning and design of the member center and community forum provides a good communication and solve the channel for the individual needs of customers, at the same time the website also set up a series of online discussion groups for a variety of different levels of different types of users online instant communication, these would be fully utilized can effectively improve the site the customer loyalty, but also enhance the popularity of a website.

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