April 2014 TOBE programming language ranking Perl record lows

TIOBE2014 programming language in April rankings, although the top three ranking no change: C, Java, Objective-C, C and Java but the share declined, but the magnitude is not obvious; while Objective-C rose 3.28%. PHP ranked 1 this month. It is worth mentioning that this month, a larger decline in PerlPerl language, this month fell TOP10, ranked 13, fell to the lowest point in history.

designer Larry Wall in order to make the report processing on the UNIX work becomes more convenient, decided to develop a generic scripting language, so Perl was born. Perl is a kind of advanced, general, literal translation, dynamic programming language, many developers like it because of its strong, stable, mature, portability and other characteristics.

April 2014 programming language TOP 20 list:

10 programming language long-term trend chart:


below is the 21-50 programming language ranking:



50 programming languages are as follows:

(Visual) FoxPro, 4th Dimension/4D, Arc, ATLAS, Automator, Avenue, Awk, Bash, BlitzMax, Bourne, shell, CG, CL (OS/400) Clean, Common, Lisp, Erlang, Factor, Felix, Forth, Haskell, Icon, Inform, Informix-4GL, J, JavaFX, Script, Korn, shell, LabVIEW. M4, Magic, Max/MSP, Mercury, Modula-2, Moto, NATURAL, OpenCL, PILOT, Programming Without, Coding Technology, Pure Data, Q, Revolution, RPG (OS/400), S, Scheme, Slate, Smalltalk, SPARK, Standard, ML, TOM, VBScript, VHDL, X10

must declare that the list itself collects data from the English world, although

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