A few years to do the webmaster has been cheated on the

      in recent years to do the webmaster cheated!

      we are talking about the successful experience, I talk about my previous, when the cheated, for the new owners to join the industry learn from it.

      a flat-share, flat-share cheated, webmaster will generally experience, from the virtual host to flat-share is on a higher level, flat-share than the virtual host space is large, the price is cheap, and a friend of the Northeast flat-share, about six, seven people, rent Shanghai Shen the network server, everyone seems to first half of more than and 400, less than ten days after the remittance, even not on the server, although the promoters of justice contact, but always have no effect, then he gave up,

      two, flat-share again deceived, moving easily inside in a flat-share, there are more than and 10 people participated in the promoters of a server, around all day post requirement to join his flat-share, dozens of Web sites with 100M sharing server, what are the consequences of installation, as can be imagined, too much for a server room stop, many times, poor stability, they give up. His personal experience, launched flat-share must be cautious in.

      three, buy space cheated, Taobao to buy a few 100 yuan 1G space, the basic are very poor, with a very short time to give up, although the price is cheap, but it had no way to use a server at hundreds of sites.

      four, buy software deceived, have a so-called universal mass software, 2000 yuan, was bought later on a horizontal heart, can not be used, the effect is very poor. Baidu bought Baidu letter posting machine, very powerful, very troublesome. What has been bought a lot of mass, basically garbage.

      five, bought a five star E moving host, once paid a year’s money of 1000, said support for this, to support that, after the purchase of the basic mobile network, easy to move are not supported. The reason they use safe mode, the CMS is not a line, do not let money back, the lesson of blood, what must be careful to buy space.

      six, and see friends say alliance fooled more, these years rarely do alliance, alliance have met deadbeat.

      welcome friends to add their own cheated experience, we learn together, less detours!

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