Know almost formally on-line agency account! The implementation of the invitation system, enhance th

sina science and technology news on July 20th afternoon news, know almost today on the line agency account, allowing institutions to participate in the community to participate in an independent communication interaction. Know almost CEO week source said that the introduction of institutions is a part of the perfect knowledge of the community, and hope that through institutional participation, to provide more professional content for community users. However, in order to ensure the quality of the current system of accounts to know about the implementation of the invitation system, the first batch of 10.

know almost formally on the institutional accounts, the implementation of the invitation system, enhance the professional threshold

the 10 first settled in the known institutions account: Chinese science Expo, the first Economy & Finance Weekly Airbnb Midea Group comments technical team, Audi, Disney, SIEMENS, Lens, Chinese travel drops, and MINI China.

week source also stressed that almost know the Institutional Accounts in the community to understand the exchange and sharing are required to follow the community norms, providing professional knowledge.

in fact, for the introduction of the agency has always been aware of the account has long been the voice, but involves the specification and the original ecological integration of the community, the problem has not been able to launch almost know. Now, for almost at this time to launch the agency account, to a certain extent, is based on the growing community, the strength of the organization to borrow content. There are comments that know almost from another point of view, the content distribution field. (Li Gen)

is the following week for the source of the agency account answer:

know almost the agency account has been formally launched.

what is the "institutional account"? It’s a completely new user type. Since then, the agency has been able to participate in the communication and interaction of the community as an independent person and bring new value to the community.

to carry out the idea of expanding in this area has been known for a long time, the final on-line products, but also after repeated grinding. What you see is not only the "identity" of the organization, nor is it based on the upgrade of the original user account system. We have made repeated deduction and investigation on the behavior and demand of the institution, and finally determined the independent design of the whole account system including the circulation mechanism and the account specification. We hope that we can not only maintain the community discussion atmosphere we enjoy, but also provide adequate space for the "institutional" integration into the existing community ecology.

is as known to grow, there have been more and more organizations wish to communicate more with their friends. We encourage all organizations to respect the community norms of knowledge, direct and honest communication with friends in the trust system of knowledge, so we provide reasonable space and channels will also have value.

on the whole, we have become aware of the "agency account" is part of the ecological vitality, full of expectations. We have always believed that everyone has the knowledge that others do not know, but they want to know. The same applies to the "agency". It is conceivable that by virtue of their own characteristics and the channels they have mastered

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