Senior boys a new mode of network opened the first month net profit of nearly 40 thousand

when the students are looking for work and run around yesterday, is already a senior of the South China University of Commerce and industry of e-commerce major students Wu Hui has claimed that he is also preparing for his company to recruit 8 employees. He also announced that to build China’s largest online distribution platform.

determined to do business

a casual dress,

delicate appearance gives a refined and cultured feeling, unlike "business people". However, he is a noble search online distribution platform CEO, Wuhan old network founder. Because of the reasons for doing business at home, playing little Wu Hui has a dream: when an entrepreneur.

NiuDao outcrop angle

when we are still eating when reading this theory, Wu Hui in the Taobao online shop, and get the first pot of gold in his life 3000 yuan.

a winter vacation, Wu Hui learned from the people around there, Wuhan now for many elderly people living in a nursing home, hospital, due to the factors of physical aspects, the elderly people’s life, there are many places not convenient. Wu Hui immediately realized that this was a good opportunity. Sophomore year of study, Wu Hui and his classmates together to create a network of middle-aged in Wuhan, in the service of the elderly while there are meager profits can be.

is the network platform for him to create a new model of network foreshadowed.

is a new network model

this year on the occasion of the opening, Wu Hui raised 200 thousand yuan registered "search based company". However, how to expand the company’s business, make him a headache, because Alibaba, Taobao mall and respectively represent three types of e-commerce today, namely B2B, B2C, C2C, to win, we must innovate.

slowly, a distribution platform finally formed in Wu Hui’s mind, Wu Hui creatively from the three modes to find the combination of points, namely "search treasure" creating a new model — B2C2C distribution platform "". Help the company to do direct sales, to help manufacturers find agents, is by virtue of this unique concept, Wu Hui’s company continues to grow. The company has also developed from the initial few people to 13 people now, just run more than a month has a lot of profit, the first month net income of nearly $40 thousand. Currently, Wu Hui is working with a Shanghai company to discuss investment matters.

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