Clarification on the recent Chinese Hacker Union was sealed news statement

recently, the Chinese Hacker Union web site can not access the situation, many websites on the Internet reproduced the news. However, we are very sorry to find that in a large number of articles reproduced, the Chinese hacker alliance and the Chinese hacker alliance (site) was confused. This has a bad impact on the reputation of the site.

here, the station solemnly declared: this site has always been strictly abide by the laws of People’s Republic of China, Chinese hacker alliance with the site without any relationship. We require that all websites that have reproduced the error news correct the mistakes and eliminate the effects as soon as possible. Otherwise, the site reserves the right to further investigate.


on suspicion of cracking Green Dam Chinese hacker alliance was sealed


] to clarify the Chinese hackers alliance checked the issue of

China biggest hacker website was Chaogu

after the investigation, related news reports and has no basis in fact, the hearsay website name correctly, the hearsay is chaotic reproduced, they even did not clearly distinguish between the name of the site, we are Chinese hackers Union, they are our allies, and each big website and QQ users have been reproduced, so we all reprint this article sites on the false reports to be corrected. At present, there is no media to determine the news in this regard, where the site is expected to release the news should be responsible for the Internet users, not to reprint some unconfirmed news.

therefore, the station in a clear, to meet the needs of network security enthusiasts right to know; at the same time of the site irresponsible, and to make groundless accusations, strongly condemned.

source: Tid-280631.html.

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