Double eleven yuan sales survey small shop basically did not make money 19 billion 100 million

"double eleven" has been in the past week, but its stirring debate and reflection continues. November 14, 2012, a new and old retail confrontation forum held in Zhejiang, Hangzhou. In the meantime, in the "double eleven" gains a lot of Tmall President Zhang Yong famously declared, "double eleven" success reflects the rise of a new economic model. According to the data provided by the Alibaba, owned by Tmall (Taobao mall, the main business of B2C, namely business to customer personal business to Taobao (Taobao C2C) and fair business, or person to person, customer to customer) in the "double eleven big promotion in Alipay’s total sales reached 19 billion 100 million yuan, of which, Tmall 13 billion 200 million, Taobao 5 billion 900 million.

, however, 19 billion 100 million of the amazing results did not satisfy everyone. 2010 from the operating shop Tian Yu is one of the 50 thousand owners of Tmall, in the double after the smooth refresh shop sales, Tian Yu embarrassed to find its revenue is far less than expected. In order to double eleven, the entire team are working overtime, the day sales hit a record of 500 thousand, but the removal of discounts, commissions and labor costs, may earn less than $1000."


side is open to change the turning point, while regrettable return, "self-evident complexity double eleven", and the thinking is Chinese determines the future of e-commerce and traditional retail or competition, or the relationship between the integration layout.

What does

mean in November 11th?

in the past, it was just a single day of civil rise; now, it is the carnival of Alibaba. By November 11, 2012, half off sales, total sales of Alibaba through the completion of Alipay reached 19 billion 100 million yuan, including Tmall and Taobao’s. Talk about the myth of the sale of this one after another, focusing on one point – 19 billion 100 million of the cake is how the points.

3 years leading sales promotion law

November 11, 2009, the first time we do ‘double eleven’, then the idea is very simple, that is, to find a day to allow consumers to know and like Taobao mall." Tmall CEO Zhang Yong revealed. At the end of 2009, in order to standardize and improve the online shopping service, Alibaba decided on basis to build a new Taobao mall platform, the platform for the seller to brands, required to pay a fee and deposit. A year later, Taobao mall to enable independent domain name electricity supplier cheap money and no prospect of the prospect of double eleven behind the cold thinking, officially separated from Taobao.

why choose November 11th is logical, there is a National Day golden week, after the Christmas season, it has become a line of retail or sales of the window period, in the tradition is no activity. Since there is no big retail activity in November, but there is a need for consumers, we think November is good

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