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A5 webmaster network ( October 9th news, following the break 4, the balance of treasure gains have now broken by 3. Balance treasure seven annual revenue fell to 2.9710%, which is two years since the balance of treasure on the line for the first time such a low rate of return.

as the first person of Internet banking, the balance of treasure at the beginning of the line have fame. June 13, 2013 balance of treasure on the line, its 7 annual yield of more than 4%, the online inter-bank market soon appear money shortage event so that the balance of treasure yields reached a high of 6.229%, the product quickly became popular. By January 2014, the balance of treasure hit a record high of 6.763%. But from the beginning of this year, the balance of treasure gains all the way down.

not only so, other financial baby products are not ideal, WeChat CAITONG docking four monetary fund, only two can maintain more than 3% annual rate of return of 7, Huaxia Fund wealth treasure, efund easy money 7, the annual rate of return of 2.95%-2.98% left and right. Jingdong coffers docking two monetary fund, harvest live wallet Monetary Fund currently 7 annual yield can be maintained at more than 3%, Peng Hua Bao added only 2.604%.

analysts believe that the balance of treasure and other Internet baby yields lower collective and loose monetary policy closely. Due to increasing downtown pressure on the economy, the central bank since the fourth quarter of last year began to cut interest rates, the balance of treasure yields continued to decline, from the beginning of November 22, 2014 when the 4.078% rate cut, to the eve of the National Day holiday, the balance of treasure 7 annual yield is below 3% for the first time, as of October 7th, the balance of treasure 7 years of yield 2.958%. , the rate of return has been declining; the balance of treasure yields fell with the bank deposit and lending rates showed a significant positive correlation.

for the balance of treasure revenue decline will lead to loss of customers, Ji An Jinxin Fund Evaluation Center Yongjing analyst Ma believes that the future of the baby products mainly to fight the functionality and convenience, rather than fight yields. The product yields are similar, so only by increasing the convenience, safety and application scenarios to develop user stickiness, vitality.

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