QQ and QQ online shopping mall at least half of the Seller be made one out

Washington Jingdong mall last year income of about 60 billion yuan, 15 billion 200 million yuan, a suning.com Shop 6 billion 800 million yuan, 5 billion 200 million yuan dangdang.com, and Tencent business only 4 billion 400 million yuan, which is not commensurate with the huge flow of Tencent.

trigger platform more competitive

Tencent announced the day before the big adjustment, business today, Tencent’s electricity provider business website QQ, QQ online shopping mall after the upgrade of the QQ be made one, online shopping will be strictly screened for merchants settled, once again to improve business access threshold, only about 30% of the original business quality businesses. The completion of this integration, easy fast, QQ online shopping, pat Network will become a Tencent business: fast and easy business direction is B2C, similar to the Jingdong; QQ online shopping business direction is B2C open platform, similar to Tmall; pat Network business direction is C2C, like taobao.com. This means that after the integration of the electricity supplier business line Tencent clearer.

experts say, now each independent B2C brings a new user transaction marketing has the highest cost, more than 300 yuan, but access to the user by QQ, Taobao and so on, to achieve a new deal that users spend cost only tens of dollars. For example, Taobao itself is a huge pool of traffic, the number of visitors per day up to 100 million, most of the traffic is no cost, free guide to the seller’s shop.

therefore, the flow of people has become a major electricity supplier platform to attract the majority of businesses of the core index, while Tencent platform has a huge traffic advantages, such as social networking platform QQ space last year, Tencent’s Tencent to open business platform business advertising, only this one day for businesses to bring billions of PV exposure. There is also a clothing business in Guangzhou, said: in fact, no matter what platform, whether it is online or offline, businesses choose where to do business, mainly to see where the most comfortable. As for the cost, where there are some.

small business exit is the trend of

yesterday, the electricity supplier Tencent official said, out of 70% sellers is not accurate, to raise the threshold, this year meet the investment conditions of businesses is only half of last year, but to encourage them to go back to the start, Tencent, traffic can be more concentrated to support high-quality business.

in fact, these numbers accounted for only 20% of the big sellers, B2C electricity supplier to create a profit of $80%. Electricity supplier last year, double eleven promotion point of view, a single day income of 19 billion 100 million yuan, of which Tmall revenue of $13 billion 200 million, Taobao revenue of $5 billion 900 million. The seller said: "a women’s clothing store sales two hundred million, year-round service fees, advertising fees add up to pay tens of millions of Tmall,


in January this year, Tmall CEO Zhang Yong at the Tmall business think-tank Group annual meeting said that if one day to sell ten thousand cans of milk, a day to sell ten thousand laptop computer, I hope it is 10 businesses each sell 1000, rather than 1000 businesses each sell 10.

question: who will help small sellers >

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