From the holographic virtual Diva Miku’s popularity, the virtual idol is how to develop


in May this year, the Ministry of culture and the State Administration of radio, held in Beijing,

IHATOV Symphony Orchestra, the audience unexpectedly welcomed a special guest – futurama. Chinese the virtual idol debut was invited from the government, which will undoubtedly make many animation house are stunned. In China, as early as the song "song" she became the world’s first virtual idol was born, and its influence does not lose the real idol.

she has held concerts in Japan and other countries and regions. Last year, she was invited to the United States CBS television, "the late night show" in the United States caused no small sensation. Return to virtual idol itself, where the students without Diva attract people’s


virtual idol to develop

popular online shopping so far, still can not get rid of consumers can not get a real sense of criticism. This may be due to the conflict between the virtual platform and specific targets can not be caused by the conflict, so online shopping and the store still maintain a mutually complementary relationship. And from the idol of the masses brought about by the field of entertainment, the abstract concept itself, put on the virtual crystal shoes, sitting on the high-tech carriage, to meet their prince is not difficult.

one can edit the star


Ian Condry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to teach Japanese popular culture, said: "Miku is one can edit the star." Virtual idol is a completely made by the human mind product, she was born in a cartoonist KEI, the wearing double ponytail, wearing a blue dress girl was initially appeared in the paper. To let her into public view, approached the crowd into the hearts of the people, the world’s largest holographic technology company Sax 3D is undoubtedly Miku behind the success of the hero, holographic projection display screen which has the characteristics of transparent, no light effect, provide a guarantee for the VOCALOID concert scene visual effect.

In fact,

for each virtual idol, whether it is motion capture, 3D virtual imaging or 3D holographic projection technology is indispensable.

to make the virtual idol close to every twinkle and smile is the best way to live, the human expression and action. This comes from the film industry of science and technology, motion capture technology, through infrared cameras and motion data processing and analysis system, through the subjects who performed the light reflected from the reflective ball, 2D image will use video camera to convert 3D data, after further processing, and ultimately complete the capture process. The domestic Internet companies snail numbers in 2014 through a comprehensive upgrade of this action capture technology, the construction of the largest real action shooting studio in asia.

after the completion of the action capture, the generation of the "skeleton" of the "seamless" need to connect >

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