How do know how to use 1 Baidu to break the drain on the site

focus on the loose blog for a long time, also added his personal micro signal for a while, often see some articles loosely in my circle of friends to share, to see some promotion techniques introduce, very benefit. For a long time, he is a little itchy, feel the need to write what, share it with everyone learning together, study.

itself is not because the author is professional to do the SEO, this article written, probably in the present eyes, not worth a look, do so, you will laugh.

for the first of his work, I do site planning, but because the company personnel configuration has not been in place, so there is ", WeChat, An able man is always busy." operation site operators, are involved in extrapolation. Perhaps it is not the right way, the flow of the site every day very few, more than one time there are more than 1 thousand IP access, less when it is six hundred or seven hundred.

say our website mainly includes: Car + research + online poll + shopping rebate…… Isn’t it wonderful, what the hell is it?. No way to locate this, my decision, only to fight.

I drainage site for this, in fact, do not know much. Try to post the post, delete more, retain less.


forum also tried, basically is the title, not to say. At that time, every day is to find a way of drainage, drainage, drainage, drainage, and then again, the important thing is more than three times, that the more tears


until July, with the help of detonated a popular event, in one day drainage more than 10 thousand IP, some other means plus late, now daily visits to IP is five thousand or six thousand, with some big websites than, this data is of course still worth mentioning, so must continue to work hard, hope to study and discuss with you.

gossip no longer pull, and now into the text, exactly, how do I use a Baidu know, to guide the user to search the word flow over the brand


you know, a Baidu know if browsing is 100000+ should belong to the massive, absolutely rare. Its effectiveness is far more than WeChat or blog 100000+ can be, because there is no reason, accurate. In fact, do not have to say 100000, a know can break million is also very objective. 100000 browsing is hard to find, the second seventy thousand or eighty thousand, if done correctly, or promising to achieve. So, how to get it?

believes that many friends should have the answer, yes, that is, with the help of social hot spots, which may be in only one or two days to achieve the only way to achieve a huge drainage. I operate on the Baidu know the example, a brief introduction.

stocks of friends should remember that in July when the stock market crash, the Internet, all kinds of rumors or false reports everywhere, a casual occasion if >

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