Mixiong technology for Chinese film 30 million angels belong to live wonderful that will grow from h


when the market appeared after the more than and 200 broadcast platform, in addition to the giant layout, and now there is a chance to enter the start-up companies do


technology and Mixiong think, Chinese film also feel they find the right entry point, to the April completion of the formation of a team of 30 million yuan angel financing. They believe that there is still a chance to live the biggest logic lies in the game, the content will usher in the evolution of live, but the existing live products can not be very good to support the interactive part of the live content.

"in live variety in the future, assuming that Hu Ge needs to choose an item to pass a level, the props of choice is required to complete interaction with the viewer can now live, the product how to accomplish this interaction


Mixiong technology founder outstanding asked me such a question, he believes that the interaction way currently live barrage and brush gift in the product can not satisfy this scene, now the scheme may be Hu Ge told viewers to choose a red button 1, green button 2, and then he looked at the full screen barrage of more decision-making. "This is obviously not a more natural way to interact, but it is not accurate."

Mixiong technology to do a variety of broadcast platforms, starting from the product to solve the content team in live interactive content about the lack of quality. Just returned to the scene and Mixiong variety, not to simply add a simple voting module in existing products, but the audience provides interactive ways to use them, these interactive information can be transformed into content into the live video stream, not like now on the screen to run the barrage and rocket.

"this has become a technical problem, but also our competitive barriers." Ceng Xiongjie told me that their products will be on-line at the end of the third quarter, has now completed the development of the core module, followed by the user experience and product level iteration and optimization. The content will be launched in the product line, has said that the first batch outstanding content mainly by their participation in planning, and with the domestic top production team, the content of interaction module is the depth of customization, to ensure compatibility between products and content.

this is that Ceng Xiongjie is now difficult to do a live broadcast of the thing, you let now have such a large platform dedicated to the contents of a file to customize the product is almost impossible." In addition to the head content customization interactive module, Mixiong will open to the public interaction module UGC, the PGC team will fill the long tail content platform.

Ceng Xiongjie believes that the future of live variety or live drama and other content is divided into two kinds, one is the monitoring type, and the other is interactive. The former is the "15 of us" such a variety, not about the progress of the audience of the story, the products they need to do is cut in the latter, let the audience involved in the content production side, not only Hu Ge in a variety show to choose.

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