The new financing record behind the change in subsidy mode now worries the market

new company America group · public comment to $3 billion 300 million financing, to get the victory to the other side of the


January 19th, life service business platform of the U.S. group · public comment announced that the new company co founded the U.S. group and public comment has completed the first financing, financing over $3 billion 300 million financing, the new company is valued at more than $18 billion.

this financing not only hit the highest record of the amount of private equity financing in China’s Internet industry, but also become the world’s largest O2O financing. There is no book, the $3 billion 300 million financing, just over last September, the rapid completion of the $3 billion financing, but also more than in July last year, Baidu hit glutinous rice 20 billion yuan.

The ill fated

it is understood that the financing by the Tencent, DST, loved the letter capital lead investor, other investors including in Kaiyuan, capital today, Baillie Gifford, Temasek, Canadian pension fund investment companies and other well-known companies at home and abroad. Huaxing capital acted as financial advisor on the transaction.

the United States and the huge amount of financing, investors include both Internet giant Tencent, including DST, Japan capital, Temasek and other well-known investment institutions. From the point of view of capital structure, belonging to the latter part of the heavyweight capital, which shows that the U.S. group · public comment is the development of capital optimistic. In addition, we can get such a high financing, to some extent, can reflect the greatest value of the U.S. group of public comment." Analysys International analyst Liu Xuwei told the "China business newspaper" interview with reporters.

U.S. leader Wang Huiwen has said that the U.S. group launched the E round of financing in July 27th last year, but in two months follow-up, there are frequently blocked financing beauty group broke out at the same time, the business model is also being questioned. While the United States claimed that these are malicious competitors trying to discredit, and denied rumors. The ultimate beauty group E round of financing is also settle a matter by leaving it unsettled with public comment, instead of "flash marriage".

October 8, 2015, the U.S. group and the public comment announced a strategic cooperation, jointly set up a new company, from the phase to love only need a holiday. The new company in terms of trade, information, vertical coverage and other areas of complementary advantages, powerful together, covering restaurants, takeaway, movies, hotel travel, KTV, wedding, beauty and other fields.

according to the U.S. mission · public comment provides data show that at present, the U.S. group · public comment in the country covering more than 2800 cities, counties and districts, 3 million service businesses, daily orders exceeded 10 million, mobile monthly active users over 150 million years to buy nearly 200 million users, 2015 the total turnover of more than 170 billion yuan.

it is worth noting that this announcement

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