Me and my pearls

my family is Pearl specialty, three years ago, I from a famous university after graduation, because his family was good, I plunged into the big city, the indifferent family business. After a day in and day out to work, work, date, bar, entertainment, girls, sleep, work "luxury" life. Until one day, my mother called me, said the home production of pearl market year after year, the increasingly fierce competition, the annual turnover decline, coupled with the parents of older, marketing ideas to keep up with some of the young people, down to ten years, not only did not accumulate, but in the recent in recent years, a year than a year, and the home of her sister, "lazy", every day can not help what busy, if you go on like this, again for a year, just ahead of the "retirement".

alarm, if the family business is gone, how to give me money luxury? Next year, so I resigned to go home, back and forth, carefully analyzes the Pearl, the home industry began following diagnosis, home of the Pearl did not own brand, by helping others OEM no, a long-term accumulation, so I let the family to give up all the OEM production mode (at the time of this model year can bring some fixed income), to our pearl products like a brand, then please design company logo and packaging, and then let my sister go to a well-known jewelry commodity wholesale market rent the facade, facade decoration after the design and elegant, bring their own brand, in the production process, we made some modification, just fine, poor and poor, and I Try to do as little as possible.

After these "

, we are optimistic about the same make snap", then the promotion stage of a new brand is painful, the nobody know this brand, no reputation at all, with little success, although the family is very disappointed, but still gave me great encouragement, so I got up early in the dark over books, looking for information, find a foreign translation, long tail sales, English Name: TheLongTail, derivative, I think, a lot of open chain stores, each store instant monthly sales profit of only a few thousand, so many shops profit, and is considerable, and the promotion of the brand, there are very good the display effect, but I soon give up the idea, the store cost is huge, rent, management, labor, distribution, we are not so many people in the material.

once again we are in trouble, don’t I do business? Until one day, I surfed the Internet and found someone opened a shop in the Pearl Taobao online, with five diamonds, sold tens of thousands of products, and I am such a knowledgeable people to see prices obviously too expensive, and our style is very general, why don’t I open one, so I can find a search, open shop of many sites, such as the 77 products (special specialty shop), Taobao, pat, eBay, and I together, every station opened a shop, with long tail thought, each shop immediately every year we can only sell a few hundred, the brand, not a free show. "

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