Since the media is not pleasing the user

when it comes to the operation of the site, we will think of a user centric, good user experience. When it comes to the media, we think about the value of the fans. I just want to say that the media in your eyes, but you think only!


two years since the media is very fire, many webmaster, SEOER, Taobao sellers are starting to do the transformation from the media. They think, get a blog called from the media, and every day to write the original call from the media. Well, this is not wrong, after all, everyone has their own ideas, there is no right or wrong.

last night, I happened to see an article on the seven foot of the public, called "you have other options.". This article introduce a client spend in seven recruitment feel the effect is not good, the last seven and wrote an article he had put the money back. The seventh said: "I do not from the media to please the user, but to do their own, love life".

if you see seven words, he did feel a little wrong, the customer is too bad. However, people still have a support of the seventh. He said: "I do not advocate what" customer first ", do not like the kind of customer abuse me thousands of times, I treat customers like first love". Do seven recruitment so, since the media is also so. From the media, I am not a reader, not to please the reader, I express myself, "

we look at the seventh one fan’s comments, he said: "the seventh, today you awoke me, write not to please readers, only for their own. Think before they all have a thank you in the seventh, click into place feeling! Read the seventh said, you have what feeling? Is not to understand what


for the operation of the site, we want to focus on the user is not wrong, after all, the customer is our God, we have to consider what the user likes, try to meet the requirements of users. However, a lot of people are running their own sites as the center, how do you want to get on how to get, did not consider the user’s feelings.

from the media, many people think that should provide value for users, every day to write original, every day to provide dry cargo. Your dry cargo more, such as one day you do not provide a value, and your users are running. In fact, since the media do not know exactly what is from the media, since the media is the most important of the self, he is his own as the center, rather than user centric.

to now I wrote a year and seven months of the blog, every day in thinking about the value of the user to write what content users will like. I felt like I was on the wrong track. I forgot what I was about to set up the Shao Lianhu blog. I always want to give them value.

Remember the

started from the media, because I was interested, I want to write the original article practice of SEO technology, but also can use the blog to record some knowledge of their own learning, not just to make money. But slowly, I often

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