Promote the value of enterprise network marketing fuse

search engine ranking is an essential part in Wangzhuan, no search engine may be difficult for you, do you know why? If you’re not a novice you must know, that is because many people don’t know your site search engine, only can let others know your website.

but some people will say, don’t I have the station search engine traffic is known, but very important, the quality of search engine is much higher than that of soft Wen promotion and so on, even if soft Wen promotion should also have to search engine rankings, or others will go to the search engine retrieval you soft keyword how to find you, not to mention the station? Link is hard soft, soft is not linked, otherwise it is easy to be deleted.

search engine is important, but not a good project, you may also engage in ranking, not to earn a lot of money, you want to rely on advertising, fortune may be difficult, some people will ask, do those advertising websites, the large company website annual income of hundreds of million.

but you can with others than others? Site traffic company than you, than you high quality, but also their websites and other ways to make money, just a part of advertising, you can compare? As a small webmaster or think of something else, do not blindly rely on advertising to make money, do not for a long time, not to mention how many people are able to flow to do very high

?The current two thousand

traffic to the website and AD advertising alliance, up to two thousand dollars a month, but also look at what you do is what type of key station at present, if you read this article, may have the vast majority of people do not flow to two thousand, at least in the short term it is impossible for you to do two thousand traffic.

so there is a search ranking, of course, but also to choose a good project to find some way to make money.


cheats Money Skills

1, project

on the Internet to make money the project is very important, you do not click on the same project may also flow rate may be less than other projects to make money, so want to do Wangzhuan people at least to go digging project for the project.

many people may not know how to find a project to explore project, so here is to introduce some simple and easy to do, if you have a strong ability of learning technology is described below may be very useful for your project.

a, Witkey (technical talents first), you can be a part-time technical Witkey, I do Witkey the fastest income is three days and four thousand dollars, how would you do that? To share, is actually very simple, is to help the company make a station, someone may ask, there are web sites fast? Oh, really, I have only one so soon, the rest are almost four days to five days from two thousand to three thousand.

want to make sure your Witkey technology should be excellent, there is enough time, your work can convince employers, so that >

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